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2017 Ford Fusion Struts its Stuff for Autotrader Staffers

Are you scouring the midsize sedan segment for your next automotive purchase? Well, if so, please allow your friends here at Lebanon Ford Inc. to offer a word of advice:

Ours -- the 2017 Fusion -- is, by all accounts, a must-see.

And if you're at all wondering what makes it so, we encourage you to check the clip below. Here now with more on all things Fusion is Autotrader reviewer Tara Trompeter:

Spunky, yet stately, the Fusion's range-topping model -- the V6 Sport -- is in a league of its own.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a ferocious, 325-horsepower turbo-V6…

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Why Get a Professional Wash

You may get up every weekend and prepare to wash your vehicle. It takes a ton of water. It takes a ton of time. It also leaves your yard or driveway with a pool of water and soap. It can certainly help your car look great if you do it right. Is it worth the time, energy and water to do it that way?

A consistent car wash is important for many reasons. Planning and finishing your washes takes some dedication. It is also good exercise. Sometimes you might need a break. Sometimes you might just want a more thorough…
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Ford Thoroughly Refines the 2018 Mustang

When you have a vehicle as popular as the Ford Mustang, it’s easy to leave it as-is. But that’s not the way of things at the Blue Oval. For the 2018 model year, the perennial pony car is getting some new exterior tweaks, revised suspension, interior fittings and tech, and engines. But as you might have guessed, there’s more to the story.

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Improve Your Fuel Economy With Tried and True Tips

Saving money on gas is not a complex thing. Getting better fuel economy doesn't mean that you have to buy a hybrid or an electric car. It also doesn't mean that you should buy a bus pass. Instead, think about smart ways to work with your existing vehicle, including these simple tips.

Fuel Additives

There are a few things that you can add to your car to get better mileage. Visit an auto parts store and ask them about the fuel additives that they stock. You'll be surprised how just adding 1 bottle of an additive, could…

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Style. Performance. Milage. The 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid.

You looked around for a nice vehicle, and now, you've found a great one. Not only is it stylish with a great performing drive train, it's amazing on fuel consumption. This hybrid gives you the option of a fast charge, slow charge, or no charge!

You can operate it on gas only, electric only, or a combination of the two. Its stylish, pleasing line will have people staring and asking, "What's that?" You can sport around town with confidence, knowing that you've got a great value. Smart technology is built in. The new technology for this…
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The 2017 Ford Focus-Worth a second Look

Want to spark some new excitement into your life? Then you should look into the 2017 Ford Focus. It knows and lives excitement. Just one look at it and you will fall in love with what it has to offer. It's luxurious, stylish, sporty, and well, just incredibly fun. Oh, and it's a real head-turner. Take a look at its rear spoiler, bright-tipped center-exit exhaust, and offered 18-inch machined aluminum wheels with offered black-painted pockets. Well, it's no wonder! That is only what you can see from the exterior of the 2017 Ford Focus...

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Important Vehicle Maintenance

You bought your vehicle from Lebanon Ford, call the dealership whenever you need advice, and should therefore consider the dealership's advice when it comes to routine vehicle maintenance. A well maintained car is a happy car and proper engine oil maintenance is a key component in good vehicle care.

So why does that nagging change oil light keep glowing from your vehicle's dash? It's because clean and sufficient engine oil is necessary for your car engine's health. There are multiple reasons you should stay on top of engine oil maintenance. For starters, engine oil keeps the…
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The 2017 Ford Escape is the Perfect Choice for Young Professionals

When the city is your playground. ?? #Ford #Escape #FordEscape #UrbanExplorer #Staycation #Playtime #TGIF

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Trying to make a great first impression? With the 2017 Ford Escape, you are in luck. The completely redesigned interior and exterior are packed with unstoppable new style. The dynamic grill and sculpted hood make a bold statement, expressing a bit of adventure. The interior is loaded with amenities and ergonomic features that add comfort and convenience that every occupant will appreciate...

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