Q. Does the $39,995 price include the car?
A. Yes! The $39,995 price includes a NEW Mustang GT (300A package), Phase 2 Supercharger
that produces 727HP!

Q. What are the power numbers of the Phase 2 LFP 727 Mustang?
A. 727 HP and 610 lb-ft torque.

Q. What are the power numbers of the Phase 1 LFP 670 Mustang?
A. 670 HP and 545 lb-ft torque.

Q. Is there a warranty on the LFP 727 HP Mustang?
A. 3 year, 36,000 mile parts-only limited warranty.

Q. Is there a warranty on the LFP 670 HP Mustang?
A. 670 HP Phase 1 kit includes ROUSH's 3 year, 36,000 mile Power Train Warranty as well. Both
warranties are honored at any Ford dealer in the nation.

Q. Can you ship to my City/State/Country?
A. Yes! Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Q. What comes standard on the GT?
A. The 2017 standard equipment includes dual power seats, HID headlamps, SYNC Bluetooth
technology, Reverse camera, and even Ford Track Apps. Please contact us for a complete list of
standard features.

Q. Can I add more options or LFP equipment to the 727 HP Mustang?
A. W can build your beast on a Premium as well and even go with an auto transmission if that's
your style. Once we have your platform and power level determined, we can do anything from
body kits, to wheel/tire combos, upgraded half shafts, adjustable suspensions, and much more.
If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Q. If I already have a Mustang can you turn it into a LFP Original?

Q. I already have a Mustang can I add the Supercharger?
A. Yes, we can help you there as well. Let's build the one you have! Please contact our
Performance Accessories Manager, Josh Hipp at jkhipp@lebanonford.com.

Q. Can I finance my 727 HP Mustang?
A. Yes, we are able to finance these builds with the vehicle! Although money down is
recommended, it is not required! (Pending credit approval) .

Q. Can I purchase a LFP 727 HP Mustang in California?
A. In California only the LFP 670 HP Mustang is available.

Q. What is the wait time?
A. We are dealing with demand Nationwide. As soon as we receive your deposit we will give
you a delivery ETA.

Q. Do you have both the LFP 727 Mustang and LFP 670 Mustang in stock?
A. We have had both in stock but due to the high request for these vehicles our inventory is
ever changing. The good news is that if we don't have what you want in inventory we can order
and build it for you and even better it will be a 2017 Mustang Model!

Q. What if I want Leather but don't want to upgrade to a Premium?
A. We can add leather seats still saving money over a Premium. We can also add heated seats.

Q. Can I trade in my Mustang, truck, etc?
A. Absolutely, we take trades. You can find more information on Trading or Selling Us Your Car
at //www.lebanonford.com/custom/sell-us-your-car/Lebanon-OH-Ford-Dealer

Q. Can you get me any color?
A. We can get you any color that the Mustang comes in. Some colors carry an additional
charge. We can also have your car wrapped or custom painted.

Q. Can you add additional accessories?
A. Yes. If you can imagine it, we can build it. After we receive your deposit, Josh Hipp, our
Performance Accessories Manager will contact to see what items you might want like Window
Tint, Exhaust, CeramicPro….
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