Limited Edition Hellion - No Longer Available


The Limited Edition LFP Hellion joins the ranks of other legendary Lebanon Ford Past Promotions. This amazing vehicle redefined what a dealership is capable of building right off the showroom and helped catapult LFP into the national spotlight. Those Hellions that have been built will continue to terrorize streets all around the country. But, as they say, to create something new, something else must go.


Past Advertising (For reference only) 

Lebanon Ford Performance is now building twin turbocharged Hellion 2018 Mustangs! The LFP Hellion, is 100% built in house and will start at $51,995. 

Due to overwhelming support by customers of our 2017 Package 2 Hellion System, for 2018 we are offering one system with all the upgrades needed to run safely and add more power and performance later. The LFP Hellion is an absolute rocket ship capable of putting down over 800hp at the crank on 7-8lbs of boost. On the lowest boost setting customers will see 660-700WHP depending on dyno and conditions.

The LFP Hellion Twin Turbo System has incredible capabilities and some truly impressive specs:

•   Twin 62mm Precision Built Turbos

•   Twin Precision 46mm Wastegates

•    Dual blow-off valves are standard

•   Large Vertical Flow Intercooler with the highest flow bar/plate available

•   Boost capabilities from 7psi to a whooping 30psi!!!

Did we mention it can generate north of 1,200 rear wheel horsepower with supporting additional modifications (i.e. E85, fuel system upgrades, etc.)?

The LFP Hellion Package Includes: (300A, Manual GT)

•    Hellion Turbo System with Twin 62mm Turbos

•    X-Pipe

•    1000cc Injectors

•    TSS Oil Pump Gears (Includes Oil Gear & Timing Gear & Crankshaft Bolt)

•    Driveshaft Shop 800HP Halfshafts

•    N-Gauge Tuning Device

•    Custom Tune via Addiction Motorsports

    All install labor and supplies

$51,995  -
(plus normal tax, titles, fees)
(optional vehicle shipping to customer not included)

Accepting Orders Now! Approximately 70 Mustangs in stock! Reach out today and make your next Mustang an LFP Hellion. Join the LFP Movement Today.
Visit our Web Page and fill out our contact form for more information or to order today!

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Q: Do you have a LFP Hellion in stock that I can purchase today?

A: • All of our Performance builds are SOLD POST TITLE, meaning that you purchase the Mustang you want first (including color, trim level, body style, accessories, etc) and then we build your dream car. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Q: How long does it take for my LFP Hellion to be built?

A: • Hellion customers should expect an average of 7-9 weeks build time from the date of paperwork completion. This time could go up or down depending on a variety of factors including whether the vehicle is in stock, ordered from factory and if you decide to have us further customize the car. 

Q: Can my Mustang make 4 digit power with this system?

A: • With the proper supporting modifications, these cars are capable of four digit power numbers.  To achieve bigger HP (such as 4 digit HP) numbers please contact one of our Performance Specialist today.

Q: How does The LFP Hellion twin turbo system compare to a supercharger?

A: To maximize a supercharger, aftermarket headers will be needed, adding to the cost. The LFP Hellion twin turbo system includes headers, adding to its value.

• The LFP Hellion twin turbo system has a broader power band than comparable superchargers. For example, a supercharger makes peak horsepower at peak RPM, let's say 6,500 RPM. A turbo will make peak power at a lower RPM, say 4,000 RPM. The turbo will then carry the power to redline. The supercharger will have a lower bhp at 4,000 RPM.

•The turbo will have no parasitic loss as the supercharger is belt-driven. The turbo is driven with spent exhaust gases.

Q: Is it overkill to have a twin turbo LFP Hellion system even if I only want to run 7lbs of boost?

A: No. This system was designed to operate from 7lbs to over 30lbs if desired. Most customers only run 7-8lbs of boost, which in the case of The LFP Hellion, will make an average of 660-700rwhp (over 800 horsepower at the crank). Turning the boost up with a turbo is as easy as changing the wastegate spring or adding a manual or electronic boost controller.

Q: Does The LFP Hellion system need heat wrap or ceramic coating?

A: Not necessarily. The customer can run the system wrapped, coated, or bare. Hellion offers many choices if heat reduction is desired.

Q: Can I bring my Mustang to Lebanon Ford Performance to have the LFP Hellion System installed?

A: Yes! You can bring your 2015- 2018 Mustang in to get the LFP Hellion System installed! You can fill out a form on this page or call (513)-696-1108

Q: How does The LFP Hellion affect the manufacturer's warranty?

A: The LFP Hellion will not carry any warranty from the manufacturer in the event of failures caused by the installation or use of the Hellion Turbo System. There is no warranty by Lebanon Ford. All stainless parts included in the twin turbo system contain a lifetime warranty. All other warranties will remain intact.  (For questions or concerns regarding warranty coverage, please call a Performance Specialist at 513-932-1010 and ask for the Performance Department.)


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